Jack TV’s Top-5 Half-Time Shows Ever — No. 1 

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Only Prince would launch his Super Bowl show with an extremely phallic male-symbol stage jutting down the field, a powder-blue suit on his body, and a bandana on his head. 

Prince brought rock-star energy to the game the likes of which it had never seen and hasn't seen since — with nods to Jimi Hendrix and Foo Fighters, actual rain, and guitar licks that earn their spine chills along the way — before the "Purple Rain" coda brought everyone to an emotional climax. He may have waited over a decade, but The Purple One finally bested MJ himself for the best Super Bowl halftime show of all time.

The litmus test for a great halftime show is you can talk about it and have no recollection of what happened on the gridiron. For posterity, the Indianapolis Colts topped the Chicago bears 29-17 in front of a TV audience of more than 92-million viewers. 

Beyonce’s Double Feature Was One For The Ages; Jack TV’s Top-5 Half-Time Shows Ever — No. 2


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Beyoncé put that hot sauce in that swag bag and may have made herself an event that is almost bigger than the #SuperBowl. After her elaborate and meticulously executed 2013 halftime performance (complete with Destiny's Child mini-reunion), which some say blew a literal fuse at the New Orleans SuperDome, she came back three years later at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. and proved that a Beyoncé-Coldplay-Bruno Mars collaboration is something we all actually needed. 

Yes, Coldplay was technically the headliner, but Beyoncé stole the biggest TV event of the year with the just-dropped "Formation," the performance of which generated massive pushback from (some) people who believed her statement was anti-police. 

Need the big game to feel even bigger? Call Beyonce.