Jack TV’s Top-5 Super Bowl Halftime Shows of All Time — No. 4

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Nothing says, “Hurry up and grab the snacks!” Like a viewer excited about the once-a-year half-time show for the Super Bowl. And so when Bruno Mars took the stage and began grooving behind the drums to his own, “Locked Out Of Heaven” you knew it was going to be a funky fifteen minutes. He then was joined by the classic funk band, Red Hot Chili Peppers for a collaboration of, “Give It Away”. Fans were happy and got their groove on regardless of the beat down their team may have been receiving. This is why we name this one of the Top 5 Super Bowl Half-Time performances to check out. So grab some Doritos and reminisce with us.

Jack TV’s Top-5 Half-Time Shows Ever — No. 5

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If you’re already stocking up on your favorite Super Bowl Snacks in anticipation of the Super Bowl, or better yet, the HalfTime show, then maybe it’s time to take a stroll down memory lane to check out some of the best Halftime shows in the sport’s vibrant history. 

For instance take a glance at the incredible performances of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Gloria Estefan, and of course, legendary, Stevie Wonder. With hundreds of dancers suited up in neon spandex doing both the swing and the salsa, you can’t help but shake your hips in solidarity. And suffice it to say, there is no one even in the same league as the master mister Wonder. He is joined by the prodigious tap dancer, Savion Glover as well, and wows the crowd with his own supremely amazing tap dancing solo. Wonders never cease.