Rock/Metal Documentaries, Movies + Shows to Binge While In Quarantine




  • Gone Too Soon (Netflix) the so-called “27 Club” an exclusive group of famous musicians who died at 27, explores the untimely passing of six musicians, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Kobain, and Amy Winehouse.
  • Alice Cooper-Good To See You Again (Amazon Prime)- one of the most electrifying stage shows in rock history, was one put on by Alice Cooper. They had a shocking reputation that garnered them millions of fans who loved to watch their unique brand of theatrical rock.
  • Death By Metal (Amazon Prime) this doc celebrates the life and legacy of the godfather of death metal, Chuck Schuldiner.
  • Devil At The Crossroads: A Robert Johnson Story (Netflix)- not a lot is known about the blues legend, Robert Johnson who died at the age of 27 in 1938. But this Mississippi native had a lasting and profound effect on music and is considered one of the fathers of rock and roll. This documentary peels back all the layers to find out all there was to know about this legendary musician.
  • Hired Gun (Amazon Prime)- Session musicians never get the proper acknowledgment or even the residual payment of their essential musical contribution to a recording. But this story is about Jason Hook who went from side-man to front-man of his own band, Five Finger Death Punch, and what happened along the way.



Benefits Of Learning To Play An Instrument During Quarantine

So, it's been well over 3 months of quarantine for most of us, and the world is starting to look a little grey around the edges. You've binged watched every episode of Star Trek, The New Girl, and Grey's Anatomy, and it's starting to feel like you're having legitimate conversations with your toaster.  So maybe it's time to start expanding your mental stimuli. There is a myriad of options out there as far as indoor hobbies, as we've all seen the successful and not-so-successful attempts to build birdhouses out of toothpicks and peanut butter, sew home-made masks out of unmatched socks, and bake an "I'm-sorry-I-used-your-socks-for-a-face-mask" cake for your housemate.

But consider maybe now's the time you finally hunker down and learn to play that instrument you've always wanted. And if you don't already own it, monthly rentals for most instruments are the equivalent of a few cups of Starbuck's Mocha Latte Frappuccinos.

Studies have shown the benefits of not only learning a new skill helping with increasing brain function and staving off dementia but also, playing a musical instrument can be a rock-solid form of self-soothing when you feel like you just can't keep your marbles together for one more minute. Focusing on learning a new skill requires concentration, dedication, and consistency. All of these are things that might be in shorter supply these days.

And while it may be frustrating in the beginning, learning that instrument will give you a new sense of purpose and accomplishment, which is something that we all could use a little more of right now.