Things To Do On The Fourth Of July During Quarantine


Ok, it's the beginning of July and we are still under lockdown for good reason. So what does that mean for the best holiday of the summer? Well, more of the same as far as quarantine is concerned. But that doesn't mean you still can't take the day to celebrate some special things.

  • How about instead of a large BBQ- try making something unique for you or the people you are in isolation with.
  • Maybe take the day to watch a historical program on Harriet Tubman, or Lincoln.
  • Or perhaps make a gratitude list for everything you're grateful for on this day of privilege.
  • Lastly, make a donation, big or small to a non-profit doing good works in the world.
  • And if you want to throw a hot dog into the mix somewhere, that's not such a terrible idea either.

In a time when everything is upside down, re-thinking a holiday about freedom never seemed more appropriate. Pass on some good juju and bring new traditions to this Fourth of July.

Astronaut Tips To Make Living In Quarantine Livable

Being prepared for isolation is a giant part of an astronaut’s training. They’ve got to deal with living in confined spaces, with the same few people for weeks or months on end, and also have to eat canned tuna even when they really wish they could cram their faces full of pizza. They have to not only be rocket scientists and physicists but also know how to cope with stress and not getting to go outside to run around in the summer sprinklers. So here are a few tips from those who have not only survived living in isolation but have also done it in zero gravity while researching intergalactic wonders.

Keep A Positive Attitude

Astronauts have to not only live in extreme places but also have to maintain a good attitude no matter what the circumstances. Working together with those you are in isolation with is key to efficient problem-solving. So while you may not have to figure out which wires will reconfigure your warp drive, you can remember to keep your chin up when your sweetie eats the last of the ice cream. Remember your attitude helps determine how you interpret a situation, so having a good one is half the battle. 

Communication and Routines Are Essential

Remember pre-virus days when you were just so, “crazy busy” and you couldn’t find time to brush your hair, let alone have time to self reflect. Whereas now you’ve got so much time with yourself or your family, you might be going a little bonkers. Two things that are key to help manage that are creating very clear communication among those living in the house and keeping a solid schedule. When you have needs make sure you have the person you’re talking to even repeat your requests so that there is no confusion. This will also allow you to talk through any points of contention that may come up. And keep a schedule even if you’re not currently working. If that means scheduling when you eat breakfast, exercise, speak with friends, clean out your closets, or watch an episode of Star Trek. Schedule it. Tracking even small accomplishments throughout your day helps to give you a sense of purpose, balance, and connection to your surroundings.

Stay Connected To Others

Make those phone calls. Send ridiculous memes to friends. Use video conferencing in all its illustrious forms. Or, here’s a novel idea, You can keep your conversations short, but make sure to keep reaching out to people. You may be lonely, but it’s guaranteed that some of your pals are feeling the same thing. So finding ways to connect even with social distance walks, will help you to feel less isolated.

So use these tips and take it one day at a time. And always remember, we are in this together. 

When Will Music Festivals Return?




When oh when will be smashed together in crowds to listen to music in the summer open air? Hard to say since the risks of covid are still a big concern. By most estimates, big concerts won’t happen again until the end of the year or early 2021. It’s hard to say exactly as the timeline keeps changing but according to live promotion company Live Nation, they will resume a “full blown” concert schedule by 2021. Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino has outlined the company's plans to resume concerts and tours. This includes, as he stated, " concerts, which we’re going to test and roll out and we’re having some success with; or reduced-capacity festival concerts, which could be outdoors in a theater on a large stadium floor, where there’s enough room to be safe." 

Surely other large venues and promoters will follow suit. Smaller clubs and venues may have a harder time adapting to the social distancing rules due to space. So only time will tell what will happen to the world of live music performance.

Until then, it looks like watching concerts either on your computer or the occasional neighborhood marching band is your best outlet for live music.

Best Songs To Play When You Have Money Falling From Your Pocket



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So you’ve just found a hundred smackers on the sidewalk, or maybe all those years of playing scratchers has finally paid off. Whatever the reason, you have a little extra dough to spend on whatever you want. But no frivolous shopping spree is complete without the proper soundtrack. So check out some of these songs for your ultimate shopping playlist:

Who doesn’t love a great bargain on a 1973 fedora?

No one will make you feel better about non-essential shopping.

The ultimate cautionary tale of how to not impulse buy.

Sometimes it’s just as fun to try on the clothes and then whimsically decide you’d rather just borrow your friend’s schwag instead.

Sometimes you just really need to buy that vintage Cabbage Patch Kid to add to your collection. We all have dreams, and maybe swinging your hips to this classic is just what you need.

Legendary French Producer, Cerrone, Releases Single, “The Impact” Feat.  Environmental Champion, Jane Goodall- Forests Everywhere Erupt With Glee


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Last week French dance producer, Cerrone announced he will be releasing a brand-new new album in 2020 called “DNA” and this first single, “The Impact”,  is a sneak preview into his newest musical inspiration. As the title hints, the song discusses climate change and bringing awareness to it. What better way to do it than to feature none other than the real-life Wonder Woman of Primatology and world-renowned anthropologist, Jane Goodall. 

The accompanying video takes viewers on a journey of heartache and inspiration, juxtaposing images of the earth’s beauty and tragic destruction. Its prophetic and mesmerizing message can’t be easily forgotten. May Cerrone’s new song inspires us all to not only shake our hips but also pick up litter while we do.

Area 51 Gets Raided (Sort Of)




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What had initially started out as a prank, has now made its way into a legitimate news story as curiosity seekers and semi devoted protestors made their way to the famous and infamous Area 51. This iconic area is located in a remote part of Nevada on a highly classified, United States Air Force facility. The base has never been declared a secret base, but all research and occurrences in Area 51 are Top Secret. This level of secrecy has led to years of speculation that this is where some of the juiciest government secrets are held to this day. These include secret bombers, foreign technology, and even alien creatures and/or spacecraft. 

On June 27, 2019, Matty Roberts created a Facebook event that involved raiding the site in search of extraterrestrial life. More than 2 million people responded they were "going" and 1.5 million were "interested" on the event's page, (typical non-committers) and subsequent media coverage followed. 

Then came the internet memes:

You know you’ve made it when Brad Pitt is bleeding all over your meme.

We hear there’s a great program to trade-in your 2017 Subaru for an X-Wing Fighter.

However, on the day of the event, only about 150 people were reported to have shown up at the entrance to Area 51, with none succeeding in entering the actual site. Which just goes to show, people on Facebook are even flakey about going to visit their alien friends.

Paul Simon To Return To The Stage At Outsidelands


Outside Lands announced that Paul Simon will return to the live concert stage for a special live show this August to close the festival on Sunday, August 11th. Simon no longer touring, has said he will do live concerts from time to time to benefit philanthropic causes. 

Outside Lands which takes place in San Francisco’s, Golden Gate Park will also host numerous environmental initiatives. Further, Simon will be donating the net proceeds from his performance to local non-profit organizations.

Go Paul go.


Recap: J-Lo and Shakira Shake Things Up At Super Bowl Halftime Show 


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You remember when Justin Timberlake helped Janet Jackson have the “wardrobe malfunction” seen ‘round the world? Well, that sent a prudish 2004 America into a tizzy and resulted in more than 540,000 complaints sent to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Well nearly two decades later, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira unleashed stripper poles and short-shorts on a more calloused nation. Proving our growth, the FCC only received 1,300 complaints from Karens. 

Anyway, the game was fun, I guess. J-Lo and Shakira danced. Shakira did that weird tongue thing which is a meme now, BTW. Anyway, still reeling from the actual research I had to do for this one.