Celeb Musicians Doing Good Things During Quarantine


It’s nice to see celebs doing good works during this incredibly difficult time in our global history. There’s nothing better than seeing someone who you dig as a musician who also happens to be a decent human being paying it forward. Here are some good people doing good things who also happen to be celebs.


Post Malone- The rapper's Shaboink brand has partnered with Direct Relief to donate 40,000 N95 masks to help keep front-line workers safer during the global crisis.

Miley Cyrus has created a daily talk show on her Instagram called, “Bright Minded” which focuses on positive ways to cope with quarantine. She speaks with mental health experts, fellow musicians, and those on the front lines. She’s spotlighting a lot of great causes with the intent of “staying positive and engaged”. 

Watsky The rapper and poet raised over $140,000  for Sweet Relief's COVID-19 Fund, which provides financial assistance for musicians and industry workers affected by the pandemic. Watsky is raising money by performing non-stop, rapping over 33 hours, which earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest continuous rap. Glad he’s doing it and not us.

Ariana Grande has a slew of organizations that she has been supporting during the crisis, including Fund For Families, The Bail Project, The Mental Health Fund, and more.

Billy Ray Cyrus, another Cyrus doing good, has created with Native American communities, donating 20,000 masks to use for their protection against the virus. The announcement came during the Native Americans & Coronavirus Virtual Town Hall.

Madonna has teamed up with REFORM Alliance to donate 100,000 masks to jails and prisons with the hope of curbing the spread of the coronavirus behind bars. REFORM has donated 100,000 masks to those at Rikers Island in NYC.

Willie Nelson-He’s no stranger to helping those in need. He’s been successfully raising money for others for thirty plus years. His virtual Farm Aid concert on April 11 raised more than $500,000 for family farmers and ranchers who have been impacted during the crisis. "The coronavirus has disrupted our entire country and is a grave threat to all of us. One of its many impacts is that it has helped us to better see the value of essential people like healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, delivery truck drivers, and farmers and ranchers," Nelson said in a statement.

Healthier Snacks To Binge While In Quarantine


So you're alone in your apartment and it's day one hundred and twenty badzookas of quarantine. Don't worry, no one knows or cares what day it is anymore. And you've been trying to go on daily walks, stopping to smell the roses and smile at your relatively friendly neighbors. You're reading more (albeit while on the can), and even turning off your phone before you go to bed at night.

However, there is one area where you're not quite winning while in quarantine, and that is what you are putting in your mouth every day. Some days it's a bowl of pasta the size of your steering wheel, other days it's a pizza the size of your steering wheel, and other days, you find yourself gnawing on your actual steering wheel. Maybe you're washing everything down with a beer or a refreshing bubbly glass of Fanta. Suffice it to say, your intake of healthy foods could use some improvement.

Below are some great snacking substitutions to get your body on as good a track as the rest of you:

  1. Replace those salty, high fat, and cholesterol chips with some seaweed snacks. They're crunchy and full of antioxidants to help boost your immune system.
  2. Switch out those sugary sodas for carbonated water. You can still get your fizz on, but without all the sugar and artificial flavorings. Or better yet, take the leap and drink the OG of beverages, plain 'ol drinking water.
  3. Instead of your favorite ice cream, try freezing fruit and chomping on that during your late-night Netflix binge. Full of antioxidants and easier on the teeth and waistline, frozen grapes, bananas, and berries make a satisfying and savory late-night treat.
  4. Buttery popcorn can get a facelift with replacing butter for Himalayan salt and nutritional yeast flakes. They are rich in B vitamins and protein and add a savory, nutty flavor to your favorite movie snack.
  5. Feeling like you're hopped up on too much caffeine during the day? Try replacing that fourth cup of coffee with green tea or a warm chicory drink. Green tea is filled with antioxidants and has loads of research showing it's health benefits. Or if you're craving that coffee vibe, chicory drinks like Pero, have that warm soothing flavor, minus the caffeine and rabbit-like jitters that come with too many cups.

Try swapping out these little snacks and drinks and see if doesn't put just a little more spring in your step, even if you're just springing to the other room.




Things To Do On The Fourth Of July During Quarantine


Ok, it's the beginning of July and we are still under lockdown for good reason. So what does that mean for the best holiday of the summer? Well, more of the same as far as quarantine is concerned. But that doesn't mean you still can't take the day to celebrate some special things.

  • How about instead of a large BBQ- try making something unique for you or the people you are in isolation with.
  • Maybe take the day to watch a historical program on Harriet Tubman, or Lincoln.
  • Or perhaps make a gratitude list for everything you're grateful for on this day of privilege.
  • Lastly, make a donation, big or small to a non-profit doing good works in the world.
  • And if you want to throw a hot dog into the mix somewhere, that's not such a terrible idea either.

In a time when everything is upside down, re-thinking a holiday about freedom never seemed more appropriate. Pass on some good juju and bring new traditions to this Fourth of July.