Old Town Road Gets Accepted To Harvard

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If there’s one thing we probably didn't need it was another turn listening to Lil Nas X’s chart-topping sensation, OId Town Road. Seriously. I’ve heard it in my car, I’ve heard it at the bar. I’ve heard it at Von’s, I’ve heard it sung by moms. I’ve heard it while being bitten by mosquitos, and I’ve heard it watching Super Bowl commercials for Dorritos. 

But, even jaded old Jack actually enjoyed this rendition performed by HarvardTHUD (or The Harvard Undergraduate Drummers) an undergraduate student-led music group from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Take a listen for yourself and let me know if, in fact, we can’t tell you nothin’ about good music. 

Exciting New Music Releases In February To Keep Your Mind Off Valentine’s Day

Here are some new releases to check out in a month that is often filled with too much chocolate, and rom com viewing.

Ariana Grande released a highly anticipated and seamlessly polished pop diary on the importance of hope, which is of course something we all need well after February. Other noteworthy releases include Julia Jacklin’s sparse productions on her empowerment recordings. Or there’s the German Composer and pianist Hauschka, who released the stunning collection of instrumentals inspired by nature and the wonder of humankind’s interconnectedness to it all

Or for something even more off the beaten path, check out Jeremy Denk and his new release, c.130-c.2000. In this unique body of work, Denk has on this double album, traced 700 years of music from spaciously arranged medieval songs to pieces by Mozart and modern works by Glass. He deconstructs counterpoint melodies with compelling performances and to top it off, there’s a quiz at the end of the liner notes. Nerdy audiophiles unite!

Recap: J-Lo and Shakira Shake Things Up At Super Bowl Halftime Show 


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You remember when Justin Timberlake helped Janet Jackson have the “wardrobe malfunction” seen ‘round the world? Well, that sent a prudish 2004 America into a tizzy and resulted in more than 540,000 complaints sent to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Well nearly two decades later, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira unleashed stripper poles and short-shorts on a more calloused nation. Proving our growth, the FCC only received 1,300 complaints from Karens. 

Anyway, the game was fun, I guess. J-Lo and Shakira danced. Shakira did that weird tongue thing which is a meme now, BTW. Anyway, still reeling from the actual research I had to do for this one.