Songwriters and Composers Generate Record $876 Million In Music Royalties

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Remember that sensitive kid in high school who carried a Moleskin, took Drama and sang in the Glee Club? Yeah, you don’t. Jerk.

Well while you’ve been killing it in the HVAC game, driving a big fancy truck with extra-shiny-sparkly chrome, that dweeb from high school has been part of a group that nearly made a collective $1 billion in 2019.

PRS for Music, the organization that represents the rights of over 145,500 songwriters, composers, and music publishers in the US and worldwide, collected a record $876 million on behalf of its members in 2019, a year-on-year increase of 8.7%, according to

Best Songs To Play When You Have Money Falling From Your Pocket



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So you’ve just found a hundred smackers on the sidewalk, or maybe all those years of playing scratchers has finally paid off. Whatever the reason, you have a little extra dough to spend on whatever you want. But no frivolous shopping spree is complete without the proper soundtrack. So check out some of these songs for your ultimate shopping playlist:

Who doesn’t love a great bargain on a 1973 fedora?

No one will make you feel better about non-essential shopping.

The ultimate cautionary tale of how to not impulse buy.

Sometimes it’s just as fun to try on the clothes and then whimsically decide you’d rather just borrow your friend’s schwag instead.

Sometimes you just really need to buy that vintage Cabbage Patch Kid to add to your collection. We all have dreams, and maybe swinging your hips to this classic is just what you need.

Jack TV’s Top-5 Super Bowl Halftime Shows of All Time — No. 4

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Nothing says, “Hurry up and grab the snacks!” Like a viewer excited about the once-a-year half-time show for the Super Bowl. And so when Bruno Mars took the stage and began grooving behind the drums to his own, “Locked Out Of Heaven” you knew it was going to be a funky fifteen minutes. He then was joined by the classic funk band, Red Hot Chili Peppers for a collaboration of, “Give It Away”. Fans were happy and got their groove on regardless of the beat down their team may have been receiving. This is why we name this one of the Top 5 Super Bowl Half-Time performances to check out. So grab some Doritos and reminisce with us.

Jack TV’s Top-5 Half-Time Shows Ever — No. 5

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If you’re already stocking up on your favorite Super Bowl Snacks in anticipation of the Super Bowl, or better yet, the HalfTime show, then maybe it’s time to take a stroll down memory lane to check out some of the best Halftime shows in the sport’s vibrant history. 

For instance take a glance at the incredible performances of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Gloria Estefan, and of course, legendary, Stevie Wonder. With hundreds of dancers suited up in neon spandex doing both the swing and the salsa, you can’t help but shake your hips in solidarity. And suffice it to say, there is no one even in the same league as the master mister Wonder. He is joined by the prodigious tap dancer, Savion Glover as well, and wows the crowd with his own supremely amazing tap dancing solo. Wonders never cease. 


Get Your Classical Groove On With Yo-Yo Ma


Yo-Yo Ma, the LA Phil, and Esa-Pekka Salonen really got it right. After a few late-night drinks Yo-Yo Ma and composer Esa-Pekka Salonen devised a plan that resulted in this delicious Cello Concerto. With inspiration coming from outer space and comets, Esa-Pekka created a galaxy of textures within the brass, strings, and percussion. The piece ends with a stratospheric high B-flat which will take your ears to another time and place. Listen when you want to escape the day, the neighborhood, or the universe.

Looking For A Way To Rebuke Rude Trolls? Take Notes From YouTube Star, James Charles, As He Sings His Hate Comments


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Ever been called an insult either in person or online but been too flummoxed to respond with a nonchalant quip? World-famous YouTube personality and make-up artist, James Charles, has just the thing to show all those haters you just don’t care. He decided to sing the hate comments in a tender, love-song styled serenade. Not only did this deflate the power of the hate speech, but it also showcases his lovely soprano pipes. Over nine million fans who have watched the video would agree. So the next time you notice a troll leaving snarky comments on your social media, try singing those insults to the melody of “All The Single Ladies” and see if you feel as empowered as James is.

Legendary French Producer, Cerrone, Releases Single, “The Impact” Feat.  Environmental Champion, Jane Goodall- Forests Everywhere Erupt With Glee


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Last week French dance producer, Cerrone announced he will be releasing a brand-new new album in 2020 called “DNA” and this first single, “The Impact”,  is a sneak preview into his newest musical inspiration. As the title hints, the song discusses climate change and bringing awareness to it. What better way to do it than to feature none other than the real-life Wonder Woman of Primatology and world-renowned anthropologist, Jane Goodall. 

The accompanying video takes viewers on a journey of heartache and inspiration, juxtaposing images of the earth’s beauty and tragic destruction. Its prophetic and mesmerizing message can’t be easily forgotten. May Cerrone’s new song inspires us all to not only shake our hips but also pick up litter while we do.

Essential Inspired Listening For March


Where to begin with new music releases in March? Try here for starters:

Billie Eilish releases her long-awaited debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? This moody emo-pop creation calls to mind, Nine Inch Nails, Fiona Apple, and Chromatics. Hold on as no doubtedly, she’ll be taking us all for a fun ride.

Meanwhile, 19-year-old Koffe, from Spanish Town, Jamaica is creating a wave of highly energized reggae like no other in the industry right now. Speaking her truths with a sense of urgency, she’s on a mission to greatness.

Then there’s the new release from Jenny Lewis, On The Line, which features a stunning collection of songs that showcase her sophisticated sound that fuses pop and rock in a way that continues to inspire her contemporaries. Rock on Jenny, may we all take notes out of your classic playbook.


Paul Simon To Return To The Stage At Outsidelands


Outside Lands announced that Paul Simon will return to the live concert stage for a special live show this August to close the festival on Sunday, August 11th. Simon no longer touring, has said he will do live concerts from time to time to benefit philanthropic causes. 

Outside Lands which takes place in San Francisco’s, Golden Gate Park will also host numerous environmental initiatives. Further, Simon will be donating the net proceeds from his performance to local non-profit organizations.

Go Paul go.


I Heart Music Awards Winners And Their Fashion Sense

Drake, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift were among the top winners at the 2019 IHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles, which were held on March 14. Taylor won the tour of the year award for her show-stopping the “Reputation” stadium tour, while Ariana won female artist of the year. Drake won best male artists of the year

Other big names in attendance were Katy Perry, Kacey Musgraves, and Halsey. And like all award shows, the most important thing is what they wore. So if that’s all you really care about, then know you’re in good company.