Healthier Snacks To Binge While In Quarantine


So you're alone in your apartment and it's day one hundred and twenty badzookas of quarantine. Don't worry, no one knows or cares what day it is anymore. And you've been trying to go on daily walks, stopping to smell the roses and smile at your relatively friendly neighbors. You're reading more (albeit while on the can), and even turning off your phone before you go to bed at night.

However, there is one area where you're not quite winning while in quarantine, and that is what you are putting in your mouth every day. Some days it's a bowl of pasta the size of your steering wheel, other days it's a pizza the size of your steering wheel, and other days, you find yourself gnawing on your actual steering wheel. Maybe you're washing everything down with a beer or a refreshing bubbly glass of Fanta. Suffice it to say, your intake of healthy foods could use some improvement.

Below are some great snacking substitutions to get your body on as good a track as the rest of you:

  1. Replace those salty, high fat, and cholesterol chips with some seaweed snacks. They're crunchy and full of antioxidants to help boost your immune system.
  2. Switch out those sugary sodas for carbonated water. You can still get your fizz on, but without all the sugar and artificial flavorings. Or better yet, take the leap and drink the OG of beverages, plain 'ol drinking water.
  3. Instead of your favorite ice cream, try freezing fruit and chomping on that during your late-night Netflix binge. Full of antioxidants and easier on the teeth and waistline, frozen grapes, bananas, and berries make a satisfying and savory late-night treat.
  4. Buttery popcorn can get a facelift with replacing butter for Himalayan salt and nutritional yeast flakes. They are rich in B vitamins and protein and add a savory, nutty flavor to your favorite movie snack.
  5. Feeling like you're hopped up on too much caffeine during the day? Try replacing that fourth cup of coffee with green tea or a warm chicory drink. Green tea is filled with antioxidants and has loads of research showing it's health benefits. Or if you're craving that coffee vibe, chicory drinks like Pero, have that warm soothing flavor, minus the caffeine and rabbit-like jitters that come with too many cups.

Try swapping out these little snacks and drinks and see if doesn't put just a little more spring in your step, even if you're just springing to the other room.