Recap: J-Lo and Shakira Shake Things Up At Super Bowl Halftime Show 


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You remember when Justin Timberlake helped Janet Jackson have the “wardrobe malfunction” seen ‘round the world? Well, that sent a prudish 2004 America into a tizzy and resulted in more than 540,000 complaints sent to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Well nearly two decades later, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira unleashed stripper poles and short-shorts on a more calloused nation. Proving our growth, the FCC only received 1,300 complaints from Karens. 

Anyway, the game was fun, I guess. J-Lo and Shakira danced. Shakira did that weird tongue thing which is a meme now, BTW. Anyway, still reeling from the actual research I had to do for this one.