Britney’s ‘Oops I Did It Again’ Is 20

Millennials everywhere are collectively reaching for the bifocals and mom jeans in disbelief. Yes, kids of the ’90s, your once-upon-a-time Pop Princess is now a middle-aged mom with an Instagram account. And one of her earliest and most epic hits just turned 20 years old.

It’s been a pretty amazing career for Spears. She’s been a hitmaker, a tabloid icon, enjoyed a residency at a Las Vegas resort, and is now channeling every divorced white woman on Instagram, showing off her younger boyfriend, and trying on new outfits

Below is a video flashback for all you nostalgia-craved member berries. 

I’ll give you a moment to grab your hearing aid and finish your call to The Olive Garden to make reservations for your book club’s celebration of finally finishing The Da Vinci Code.