The Best Mix Playlist For A Lonely Friend In Quarantine


This quarantine is affecting everyone differently. Some people have become highly skilled at Fortnite, others have learned how to make macaroni necklaces for their entire family, and some have become professional bounty hunters in search of Carol Baskin’s missing husband. But others have struggled with anxiety, depression, and losing loved ones. It’s a bizarre and surreal time in human history. But as we all know, music has a profound way of affecting people. So if you know someone who may be struggling (let’s be honest, everyone is struggling in one way or another) pay some good juju forward and make them a playlist.

Check out some of our recommendations for a playlist to lift your loved one’s spirits.

Through The Glass - Nina Storey- Sometimes a little validation goes a long way. And knowing you’re not alone in how you’re feeling is a big deal. But so is a double shot of hope. Check out this new single that will have you singing along to this love note to humanity.

The Middle- Jimmy Eat World- Proving we all don’t have to get naked at parties to find our soulmate. Or better yet, if you’re alone, in quarantine, startup that nudist colony with passion.

Rise Up- Andra Day- Feel the movement of mountains in this powerful piece. Sing along and channel your inner soul singer.

Hold On-Good Charlotte- A powerful, poignant, and a heart-felt anthem about loneliness and getting through it to see better times.

Bishop’s Knife Trick-Fall Out Boy- This is a great song for thinking about a finish line. Dig in for the duration but know there is a light at the end of this masked tunnel.

I Wanna Get Better-Bleachers- What a great honest song about being broken, vulnerable, and ready for life to get better. This song lives in an anthemic ethos.

Soldier-Gavin Degraw- You can’t help but just start swaying when you listen to this song. Plus the music video features people who are doing good things. Real stories always feel good.

Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen- I mean, come on. If you don’t enjoy listening to this song, you might be a drone from another universe. And if that’s the case, can you please share your technology for curing all that ails us.