I Heart Music Awards Winners And Their Fashion Sense

Drake, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift were among the top winners at the 2019 IHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles, which were held on March 14. Taylor won the tour of the year award for her show-stopping the “Reputation” stadium tour, while Ariana won female artist of the year. Drake won best male artists of the year

Other big names in attendance were Katy Perry, Kacey Musgraves, and Halsey. And like all award shows, the most important thing is what they wore. So if that’s all you really care about, then know you’re in good company.

Exciting New Music Releases In February To Keep Your Mind Off Valentine’s Day

Here are some new releases to check out in a month that is often filled with too much chocolate, and rom com viewing.

Ariana Grande released a highly anticipated and seamlessly polished pop diary on the importance of hope, which is of course something we all need well after February. Other noteworthy releases include Julia Jacklin’s sparse productions on her empowerment recordings. Or there’s the German Composer and pianist Hauschka, who released the stunning collection of instrumentals inspired by nature and the wonder of humankind’s interconnectedness to it all

Or for something even more off the beaten path, check out Jeremy Denk and his new release, c.130-c.2000. In this unique body of work, Denk has on this double album, traced 700 years of music from spaciously arranged medieval songs to pieces by Mozart and modern works by Glass. He deconstructs counterpoint melodies with compelling performances and to top it off, there’s a quiz at the end of the liner notes. Nerdy audiophiles unite!