Frequent Questions

General Questions

We are a digital marketing and content distribution company that builds social media audiences for artists, comedians, brands, influencers, and more. People like us because we provide great strategy, get real fans, and bring a hands-on approach to every customer.

We have two primary ways of growing audiences:

  • Paid advertising on social media (Facebook & Intagram)
  • Distributing content to our Partner Network of over 350M+ Followers

Your campaign may utilize one, or both methods depending on the goals of the campaign. In either case, your content is going to reach a massive audience, which will gain you the exposure necessary to grow.

An interactive ad is made up of a few unique elements:

  1. It incorporates your brand into the ad, usually without the viewer ever knowing it is an ad.
  2. It incorporates your content, i.e. music, videos, photos, facts, and/or other information about what you are promoting.
  3. It either recommends and offers the opportunity to Follow your social profile(s) to the viewer, or the viewer takes up interest in following organically.

Every day, thousands of new people participate in JACKTV interactive ads which further identifies to us who a good subscriber is for you.

The Partner Network is a large network of social media accounts owned by influencers, media companies, or internally that meet our criteria. Every eligible account in our network has more than 1M Followers.

Prospective partners apply to join our network and if accepted, get paid to post the campaign content we provide them. This provides our partners with relevant content to share with their audiences while allowing your content to reach tens of millions of followers with any given photo or video.

A lot of digital marketing and advertising companies work on retainers or high fees without guaranteeing anything. If you’re going to spend money, we want to make sure that you’re getting results.

We try to estimate a range of results based on your budget, quality of your content, and our strategy. While we cannot guarantee specific numbers, we are usually successful in delivering within the ranges we estimate based on historical campaigns.

For pricing info, we need to get some details from you first. Fill out the form on our Submit Campaign page and someone will get back to you shortly.

Our campaigns typically operate on a monthly basis (give or take), unless we share with you otherwise.


While it is more difficult to grow accounts that have less than 10K Followers, you do not need a minimum to get started. There are some campaigns that are not a good fit for us which we will unfortunately pass on.

Most of the time, engagement increases naturally during and after our campaigns due to the influx of new followers. That said, we can’t make anyone comment, like, or DM you. Engagement is largely in the hands of the account owner. If you think posting a random photo and a caption with only two emojis once a week, no, your engagement will not grow. That only works for the Ariana Grandes of the world.

Some helpful questions:

  • Are you posting quality content?
  • Do you genuinely care about and reach out to new fans and followers?
  • Do you go live and try to connect with people?
  • Do you leave genuine comments on follower’s photos and videos?
  • Do you have DM conversations?
  • Have you ever been the first person to DM a fan before they DM’d you?
  • Am I replying to comments because it’s my job and not because I have genuine responses?

Some of our customers crush engagement, others do not. The ones who do not answer No to most of the questions above.

No, we will never need to login to your account however we do send an authentication token for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. This is to provide us with analytics data for more accurate tracking and reporting.

The exception: We do offer some comprehensive campaigns that are not listed on our website that requires account access.

It depends on our individual strategy for your campaign.


For Spotify Follower campaigns, you do not and we can promote you anytime. They are powered by paid social ads (via Instagram and Facebook) and perform often based on the quality of your content.

While we do not offer playlist promotion in-house, we work with a network of providers who provide playlist pitching services to get your song(s) in front of curators.

Yes! Gaining in followers, pre-saves, and song saves are metrics that are rising in importance. This type of growth helps algorithmic performance.

No, we will never need to access your account. However, we do sometimes request access to your analytics as a guest.


Yes, because ad campaigns are based on ad bidding budgets, we can achieve specific view counts but the cost per view will vary based on targeting and other factors.

Typically as fast as you like (within reason).

At this time we only offer growth campaigns for Views and Subscribers. If this is something you’re looking for, be sure to leave us a note and recommend it.

You can promote videos of any length, but we recommend the video be of average length (2-5 minutes) for better retention.